Incorporate Battery Operated Lights Into Everyday Life

When putting out your holiday decorations this year, why not try using battery operated votive candles, candlesticks, or tea lights in place of live candles or lights that require household current?

No cord required

The best thing about battery-powered lights is that they are versatile. They can function in settings where electric lights requiring a cord cannot. When using small lights in decorations, it is a challenge to situate cords in a way that they will not be seen. The place that you wish to set up decorations requiring small lights may not be near to an electrical outlet. An extension cord may be needed to connect the light to an electrical outlet. Having electrical cords strewn across walls and floors is often unattractive and takes away from the scene or atmosphere that you are trying to create with the light in the first place. Another problem with electrical cords going every which way is the propensity for individuals to trip on them. This can be a danger, especially for very young children who are unsteady on their feet, and for the elderly, who do not heal from injuries as quickly as they used to.

Battery operated lights are easy to use. Simply switch them on and place them in the desired location. They are easy to use with Nativity scenes, wintertime village replicas, jack-o-lanterns, and other decorative settings. This way there are no cords to hassle with. They can be used in place of candles in outdoor settings, such as lantern and walkway lights, or centerpieces sometimes used at weddings. An added advantage is that there is no need to continually relight flames that have been blown out by the breeze. Battery powered candles can have a flickering or dimming appearance, making them look even more like real candles burning. They can also blink or just be continuous, steady light.

Play it safe

With live candles there is always a danger of accidental fires. Many apartments and rental properties prohibit the use of candles on their premises for this reason. Without battery powered lights, many types of decorations would not be possible. Battery operated candles make it possible to still decorate the way you wish, while making sure that your home is safe, and your landlord is satisfied.

Just in case

With natural disasters and other events that prevent electricity from reaching our homes, it’s not a bad idea to have small battery operated LED lights, such as tea lights, in every room that are always turned on. This way if the power goes out, there will still be a small amount of light in whatever room you are in, to aid you in finding a more powerful source of light, such as a flashlight or lantern, without tripping in the complete darkness. The advantage of using LED lights for this is that they use very little electricity, and that means you won’t need to spend a lot of money or effort on replacing batteries. These small lights can be incorporated into décor rather than simply sitting alone, so that they do not look conspicuous.


Because of their several benefits, small battery powered lights may be a good thing to incorporate into everyday surroundings and special occasions. 


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